Informational Meeting Friday, March 16 @ 6:30pm

Come out next Friday to the Lyman Armory (Concoxions Theater) 59 Groce Rd. Lyman at 6:30pm for the first Potential Church informational meeting. Everyone is welcome as our Pastor Lance Martin shares his vision and the DNA of Potential Church. Please help us spread the word via Facebook (, Twitter (, text, call, invite, and bring your friends. We will have childcare for toddlers-10yrs old. The Potential Team is sensitive to your busy schedules and suggest you block out about an hour for the meeting. We look forward to sharing our vision to help the people of District5 reach their full potential. Below is a picture of the building, map, and contact info.

CONTACT INFO. Click to email, cell/text 864.921.9362

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WOW! Our location!

On Friday, Feb. 17 we secured our location. I am so pumped!! Yeah she needs a little work but…. she has Potential ;) . We will be meeting in the Conerstone Theater/Old Lyman Armory/that big rock building in the rocking Downtown of Lyman! God has also allowed me to be in on the future planning discussions of this facility. Over the next 3 years more than $500,000 of grants will be modernizing the Conerstone Theater. The facility and its surroundings will undergo the largest makeover the city of Lyman has seen since the industrial boom. Our mayor and the wonderful city planners of Lyman are including a farmers market, more parking, an amphitheater, kids playgrounds, a massive park, walking trails, and more! This entire project is funded by grants and our new hospitality taxes. Being a mill village kid I am extremely excited about this development. I have seen this area of town begin to slip away and I have always believed in its Potential. I know God has placed us at Conerstone to witness and serve the town of Lyman while it reaches her Potential. I can’t wait to have our first informational meeting on location and share with you all the ways we are going to be able to partner with our community! God is as work and each day revealing our Potential within the community! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!

BIG NEWS… I’m Planting A Church!!

On Sunday, February 5, Greer First Baptist Church, its Staff, and Leadership Team began their celebration of the calling God has placed on Lance Martin, our Minister to Students, to launch a new church near his home town. Greer First Baptist is a church that supports the advancement of God’s kingdom through church planting as a primary and proven tool used to reach those who do not know Christ. Lance will be finishing his service here at Greer First Baptist on Friday, May 4, to launch this new church in the District 5 area (Lyman, Duncan, Wellford) of Spartanburg County.

We are delighted for the time we have shared with Lance and his family over the last 6 years. Please join us as we celebrate and pray for this new endeavor over the next few months. Pray for Lance as he continues ministering to our students and plans the initial startup of this new work.

Please pray also for the Leadership Team as we begin to look for our next Student Minister. These next months will be bittersweet as we lose a Student Minister but gain a sister church and partner in advancing the Kingdom. We look forward to God’s blessings as Lance, GFBC, the Leadership team, and the staff are being obedient to His will.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Created and approved by Lance Martin and the Leadership Team of GFBC

A personal post will come after I have had the chance to connect and answer questions with the THRIVE Students of GFBC on Wed. Feb.8…. Lance

How it all began….

About 3 years ago life was good. I had just finished seminary, I was working at a great church, in the position I had wanted, and my family was happy and growing. It seems every time I get comfortable God wants to make me uncomfortable. I can’t tell you the exact day this started, but God began pressing a statement into my heart which eventually consumed ALL my thinking….

“I have something greater planned for you!”

OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER that statement nagged and drove me crazy!!! I didn’t want to answer it or even acknowledge it. Finally, I broke.

REALLY GOD? NOW? I have worked so hard to get to the place that I thought YOU wanted me to be.

So I responded like I normally do…

  • I said to myself…You are crazy go to bed, that wasn’t God it was your imagination
  • I tried to preoccupy my time (stay busy) wishing it would go away
  • Tried to manually open other doors of opportunity
  • Got mad, resented, refocused, and made excuses
  • Finally, I surrendered to it!
After I surrendered to the fact that God had a bigger plan for me I still was not sure what it was. I began to pray and simply say “Whatever it is, I’m willing”. Months and months went by without a response only the same leading from the Holy Spirit “I have something greater planned for you!” I began to get frustrated and depressed. At my lowest point I heard the loudest shout from God.
“I want the rest of your life!”
I realized at that point I had not been ready to hear from the Holy Spirit. I had to be completly desperate and without selfish desires and personal gain. So I simply began to pray the prayer I continue to submit to this day.
“I’m in show me what’s next.”
God then spoke louder than ever before. He revealed a love for my hometown and a  passion to reach the lost in it that I had never had before. I began to see countless people in my community that didn’t know Christ. My passion to preach and proclaim His love tripled over night. A desire to see lives completely turned upside down by Jesus was the only thing that really made sense.
At that point God revealed a vision in me which had never happened before. Through of a life of servitude, 15 years of ministry, and countless lives touched He had never reveled this clear of a plan and vision to me. I felt tiny, overwhelmed, unqualified, incompetent, and not gifted. It felt impossible, but I knew it was going to happen!
God had called me to plant a church in my hometown!